#03 – what, a whole lot of rhetorical bag and glass

For the love of Mary!..


A note to self to publicly disgrace at my own disgust at how I near always forget to carry a bag with me when I go … to any … shop!  Arrrgh.  To take a quote from “Rakes” Cleaver Green, I would very much like to shout; “For the love of Mary.” Earnestly, how hard should it be to pack a reusable carry bag when going out.

To try and help with my obvious short term thingo loss when it comes to carrying a reusable carry-bag, I have decided to try out a jigger. Well, not really as that would be all too painful, and quite honestly, pain and I are not ever going to be friends. Not to mention that it is quite ridiculous, but I will happily use the jigger metaphorically as in that I have a reusable bag already packed on the back of the pushy. (A…

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Rare south Pacific nautilus spotted for the first time in 3 decades (Papua New Guinea)

The ocean update

a-rare-south-pacific-nautilus-seen-for-the-first-time-in-3-decadesAugust 26th, 2015 (Jonathan Edwards). It might be the rarest animal in the world. Peter Ward is a biologist at the University of Washington who this July came across the Allonautilus scrobiculatus species of nautilus in the waters off Papua New Guinea after not having seen one for about three decades.

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#02 – try and reduce plastic at the supermarket; keen-wah to the power of P!


Jeepers creepers, I have become / I am so acculturated.  Disaster.

I mean, I am not going to completely and immediately never shop in a supermarket, because lets be real, they, [supermarkets] do sell useful items like, um… mineral water.

From this recent (and somewhat traumatic) experience, an old training adage came to mind, the 7 P’s. Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P1ss Poor Performance. Nearly all items purchased were in plastic or in non-reusable packaging. Of the items purchased, I, for some reason baulked at buying quinoa that was sold in plastic packs. There may as well have been some giant neon sign saying: “Warning unsynthetic – sorry – you cannot buy that quinoa from here in plastic, but go ahead and keep all those other plastic items in your plastic carry basket.”  Being suitably warned, I took myself to a local bulk wholesaler and bought quinoa using paper-bags…

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