Hi,  my name is Cherie Noble and this is my artists blog.  I am interested in Marine Plastic Pollution; what it is; the impact on ecosystems and marine life how we contribute to the problem and how we can contribute to the solution.  As an environmental artist my research interests centre around pollution; marine health; and how consumerism and our culture impacts on the environment.  This blog is also is a repository for artistic inspiration; the beauty of marine life; and the work of other artists.


As a Gold  Coast resident my life is inextricably linked to the ocean.  I paddle swim and play in the water or on the waters edge.  I feel connected to the ocean and I am acutely aware of marine pollution.   I work in video and sculpture, installation, and  am  interested in connecting with people passionate about the health of our oceans, working on projects that are environmentally centred, working collaboratively with artists and other people who share similar interests.   You can contact me here or via my website;  www.cherie-noble.com.au

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